Are you SARS Paperless ready!

How many times have you the Transporter been delayed at a border post? Always queuing and waiting at the expense of your own pocket. With "Frontier" delays can be avoided. Freight Fusion Systems has developed "Frontier" a wizard based system to cater for all you're over border requirements. We cover all border posts; ZA: South Africa, BW: Botswana, LS: Lesotho, SZ: Swaziland, NA: Namibia & ZW: Zimbabwe.

Now you can do your own customs clearance. No need to be a qualified Entry Clerk, all customs statuary requirements are part and parcel of the "Frontier" system. With "Frontier" you drive your own time lines, saving you time and most importantly, money. Be led by the simple step-by-step process. Yes that's correct you can do all your own export documentation, and on top of that you can legally process EDI clearance with SARS.

Register with SARS and control your own destiny. Export documentation has never been this simple. All processes and documentation have been tested with SARS. You are able to track your submitted Bill of Entry to SARS as it transmits through the various stages, no more lost EDI messages.

The product listing is the heart of the system; once you have fed this information into the system (we will assist) you should be able to have the following documentation done in 5 minutes flat:      

            • SAD Documents  
            • Manifest (Sea / Air / Road / Rail)
            • Pro Forma and Commercial Invoices (If required)
            • Packing List (If required)
            • Cargo Dues
            • Full EDI integration with SARS
            • Airwaybill
            • Import Suppliers Invoices
            • Asycuda interface

Outstanding features of "Frontier" are the ability to Copy any consignments documentation and to do Corrections should you have a rejection from Customs, no need to re-capture information.

"FRONTIER" is your answer, to become independent and improve your bottom line.

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