Cosmic is a JAVA based Freight Management system comprising of the all the latest freight management best practices fully aligned to SARS Modernisation program.

JAVA technology has been chosen to specifically meet the current as well as future needs of Freight Forwarders and Customs brokers. Its ease of use, simplistic yet sophisticated document processing as well as consolidated data entry and flexible communications module, has been placed foremost in this development.

The architecture and JAVA platform used to write the system is based on industrial leading edge components.

It is a web based system which will run on any platform under any operating system using any internet browser.

The system is modular based and as the development proceeds we will be releasing functional modules thereof on-going. 

This system is aimed at companies who need to rationalize their operations to meet their customers growing “Just in Time” supply chain managed needs, in a time constraint shrinking world.

If you are feeling the pains of meeting your deadlines, contact us for the solution.